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Improve your athletic performance. Get your sweat number!

With summer finally here and temperatures rising, knowing your “sweat number” can give you the athletic edge. In fact, knowing your sweat number is important year round! Your sweat number is unique and tells you precisely how much sodium you lose when you’re training or competing. We’ve partnered with Precision Hydration to offer their exercise-free, non-invasive Advanced Sweat Test for athletes who want to personalize their hydration strategy. Maintaining the sodium levels in your bloodstream is critical for peak performance, so it’s important to understand how much you’re losing so you can replace it. The amount of sodium individual athletes lose can vary dramatically because both sweat rate and sweat sodium concentration differ from athlete to athlete.
Precision Hydration

Sweat testing isn’t just for athletes. It’s beneficial even for individuals that work outdoors and need to maintain their sodium levels.Fueled by medAge 3


The Advanced Sweat Test takes about 45 minutes-it’s simple, painless, and extremely accurate.
Call us today so you can schedule your Advanced Sweat Test and gain more of a competitive edge!  828.684.1212
Schedule before July 31st and get $25 off your Advanced Sweat Test!


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