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Lets Talk about Hormones! Part 2



Testosterone and Sex

Testosterone is not just for men. In fact, men and women have the same hormones, just in different amounts. The hormones that most influence sexual function include testosterone, progesterone, estrogen and DHEA. As we age, hormonal deficiencies and imbalances are common and can affect how we feel about sex as well as our ability to have rewarding sex.

After the age of 25, a man’s testosterone level begins to decrease and will continue to gradually decline for the rest of his life. 1. Testosterone deficiency in men leads to andropause, the “male menopause.” Andropause can cause fatigue, brain fog, depression, loss of muscle mass and libido, erectile dysfunction and irritability. Perhaps even more importantly it is associated with diabetes, cancer, heart disease, stroke, memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease and early death.

Women may experience loss of testosterone levels about ten years before menopause. Then, after the onset of menopause, most women have very low testosterone levels. Low testosterone in women leads to loss of libido, difficulty reaching orgasm, weight gain and memory loss. A study in the New England Journal of Medicine reports that testosterone replacement helped women with a low libido. 2. Other studies show testosterone replacement helps women with osteoporosis and lowers cholesterol. 3-4. Early signs of testosterone deficiency may often be addressed with exercise and proper nutrition. If needed, bio-identical testosterone therapy is a safe, effective treatment when properly monitored.

To Your Optimal Health,  Laura Ellis MD

At medAge®, we test your testosterone levels and customize your treatment by prescribing topical, injectable or implanted bio-identical testosterone if needed. If you think you may be experiencing low testosterone, call us. We can help get your health back on track and you feeling great again.



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