medAge® for Athletes


Athletes’ needs are unique. Whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior medAge® offers customized programs to optimize your health and maximize your performance.

A comprehensive testing protocol helps us establish your baseline and from there, we set goals and guide you to achieving a higher level of athletic function.

Nutrition and hydration for Athletes.
Many competitive athletes don’t realize that fueling the body correctly for peak performance can make the difference between winning and simply competing.  At medAge® we test athletes for nutritional deficiencies and other underlying health and performance issues.  Then we create a customized plan to help you fuel for training and recovery and design the best ways for you to “preload” and fuel for competition day.

  • We recommend and distribute electrolyte products by Precision Hydration which are independently batch tested to certify them free from contamination with substances on the WADA anti-doping list.

Fueled by medAge 3

VO2 max and performance testing.

VO2 max and performance testing allow us to establish your oxygen utilization, overall fitness and level of endurance.  Using this data we create a customized approach to accelerate improvements in performance.

Biometrics for Peak Performance Training

We use biometric testing to guide mobilization of endogenous system functions within the brain and body to allow the athlete to respond quickly, operate efficiently, and perform optimally under a variety of demanding conditions.

In serious athletes we design customized training that relates to specific brain frequencies and physiological responses.  For these athletes enhanced bio- and neuro-regulation is a goal of peak performance training.

We create a psychophysiological profile using various biomarkers such as Heart Rate Variability (HRV), EEG, tensiomyography, accelerometry/GPS, and biofeedback to determine optimal training loads and recovery interventions.

Hormone optimization.  Testosterone, Growth Hormone, DHEA and other hormones are measured and replaced if needed at physiologic levels.  Without this balance, athletes can not be at peak performance.  Hormone imbalances can occur as early as your 30’s. This is not “doping” and is well established in the medical literature as healthy and necessary for most patients.

At medAge® we create training and nutrition protocols focused on building strength and endurance for your specific sport. We will help you improve your strength and focus and reduce your risk of injury keeping you in the game longer.

Let us share with you the secrets professional athletes use to stay at the the top of their game.

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What our clients say:

Frank S. Pic


“I went to medAge Asheville and had a Precision Hydration sweat test performed. Turns out I was losing 60% of my sodium when sweating and thus fatigue set it. Now that my sodium level is correct my cycling has improved tremendously, thank you medAge and H2Pro”  – Frank S., Cyclist


“I’ll be 51 next month I’m an avid mountain biker. I’d consider myself a weekend warrior athlete. I raceSean Storment Pic Enduro races and started racing BMX again.I’ve been cycling for 40+yrs, during long rides of an hour plus, I’d sweat so much that I’d soon start to cramp. So naturally I’d drink more water, sometimes my legs would hurts for days afterwards. A few months back I met Dr. Laura and Trina from medAge, I explained my situation to them. Trina proceeded to hook me up with a sweat test machine that measures a persons sweat number. After getting the results Dr. Laura/ Trina told me that I sweat out more sodium than water. Which they then prescribed a 1500 H2ProHydrate tablet. Since starting on these. I’ve been able to cycle longer w/o cramping, I recover faster. Last month I won my age group Mnt bike Enduro race and last night I won all 6 of my BMX races. I can’t thank Dr. Laura And Trina enough for my later in life success.” –  Sean S., Cyclist