Custom Nutrition

Personalized Nutrition

To reach pinnacle health and well-being, it is necessary to address your unique constitution and dietary needs.

At medAge® your custom-designed nutritional program is implemented by our T.A.G.G. System:

  • Testing; then utilizing your lab work results and bio-statistical data, we create a comprehensive.
  • Assessment; of your nutritional needs in a multi-disciplinary environment, with appropriate.
  • Goal setting; based on your current status, with additional changes made as progress is achieved, along with ongoing.
  • Guidance; of your progress, under continual review by the medAge® Team of health professionals.

The cornerstone of the medAge® Nutritional Program is your comprehensive nutritional analysis, taking into account:

  • Your medAge® lab results.
  • Your dietary history and digestive wellness.
  • Your personal food preferences, and any food sensitivities/allergies.

Based on these factors, your prescribed Nutritional Program reflects your unique physiology and needs. medAge® will closely monitor your progress; working with you in an encouraging partnership as you grow in making healthier food choices.

The medAge® Nutrition Program is flexible, and will evolve over time to reflect your body’s changing needs. Our goal is to help you achieve a new level of understanding and health, in your relationship with food. The results will be improved digestion, absorption, and a healthier, happier you.

This is an exciting journey which helps reinforce a certain, happy ending. We know that questions will arise, so ask them. We will help you reach your highest nutritional goals, with success!

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