Bio-Identical Hormones

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The hormones controversy for women

For many years women have enjoyed benefits of hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Historically HRT was believed to be protective to the body. However in 2002, the Women’s Health initiative trial of conjugated equine estrogen and progestin (Prempro–synthetic hormones) was halted early. The trial showed a higher risk of stroke, heart disease, and breast cancer.
Though risks were small, many doctors discontinued prescribing hormone replacement. Many women had a return of their menopausal symptoms. These included weight gain, hot flashes, and night sweats. Sleeplessness, brain fog, sexual dysfunction and other disruptive symptoms also returned.
In 2013 there was a hormone-related study published in the Public Health Journal. It showed a correlating rise in death rate for women aged 50 to 59 with decreasing use of estrogen—no HRT.

There have been many studies on the safer alternative, bio-identical HRT. We now know that well-managed bio-identical HRT does not carry the same side effects as synthetic hormones. Women have continued improving their health and well-being with bio-identical HRT.  Current studies are demonstrating the beneficial effects of well-managed bio-identical HRT in preventing and treating osteoporosis and reducing a woman’t risk of heart disease.

At medAge® we prescribe bio-identical HRT and carefully monitor our patients according to proven scientific data. Topical, oral and implantable methods of delivery are customized for each patient.

Testosterone deficiency in men

Now, more men are turning to HRT for low testosterone. Testosterone deficiency can lead to andropause, the “male menopause”. Low testosterone can cause fatigue, brain fog, and depression. It can also cause changes in body shape and body fat percent. Loss of libido, erectile dysfunction and irritability are among its most troubling symptoms.
Early signs of testosterone deficiency may often be addressed with exercise and proper nutrition. If needed, bio-identical testosterone therapy is a safe, effective treatment when properly monitored. It can keep your heart, muscles and bones strong and reverse andropausal symptoms.
At medAge®, we customize your treatment and may prescribe topical, injectable or implanted bio-identical testosterone.

What is bio-identical?

It is the smartest and most natural approach. It replaces low hormones with hormones that are molecularly identical to your own. With bio-identical hormones, you get the benefits of hormone replacement without the dangerous side effects seen with synthetic hormones.
At medAge®, we measure your hormone levels. We always know if you are in the safe and therapeutic ranges. Non-bio-identical synthetic hormones cannot be monitored. They are broken down into metabolites that aren’t measured by standard labs.

What are the risks of  bio-identical HRT?

Hormones are not for everyone. There are certain medical conditions that can make them unsafe to use. That’s why it’s important to work closely with a clinician who is familiar with the benefits and is experienced in proper dosing, for optimal results.
At medAge®, we follow strict scientific guidelines. We customize treatment to every individual patient.

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