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What Can “Poop” Tell You About Your Health?


It may sound silly but talking about poop is VERY IMPORTANT because bowel habits can tell us much about our overall health. And for those who know me and my frank way of speaking you know I am going to tell it like it is…

You Can Learn So Much About Your Health By Taking A Good, Hard Look At Your Poop!

Face it: We all poop but most of us don’t discuss it.  It’s a part of nature and it definitely should be a part of your daily routine. I advise you to not just wipe and flush but consider the process and take a look in the bowl before it goes down.  Here are 4 reasons why and what I urge you to consider:

#1 What Your Poop Looks Like There is nothing more important to a healthy poop then what your poop actually looks like.  Does it remind you of a snake—smooth and long?  Or is it tiny chunks that pool at the bottom of the toilet?

The appearance of your poop is a great indicator of your overall health.  There are 7 distinct types of poop, ranging from pebble-sized poops to completely liquid and foul smelling. It’s been determined that a healthy poop looks like a snake (long body)–soft and very smooth.  If your poop doesn’t look like a snake, then you may have some issues going on inside that need to be addressed.

#2 The Ease of Pooping Do you find it hard to poop?  Do you get the urge to go but when you do, it feels difficult and even painful?

Most people spend a good amount of time sitting on the toilet either waiting for it to happen, or straining hard.  In reality, however, a normal healthy poop should take only a few minutes and should glide easily with only the involuntary muscles of the colon doing the work.

Straining too hard could lead to tearing in the soft tissue around your anus (anal fissure), and can eventually lead to hemorrhoids.  Both conditions can be very painful.

#3 Did It ALL Come Out? It should all come out in one sitting. If you must return for multiple visits, consider being patient and allowing full evacuation.  If you are practicing patience yet still have to return, you may have poor digestive health.

#4 How Often Are You Pooping? Your colon contains toxins that, when not moving through properly, could make you sick, fat, and unhealthy.  Prolonged exposure to these toxins increases the risk of colon cancer.  For most people, one to three bowel movements a day is healthy.  Every other day may be considered normal for some but less frequently is definitely not a sign of good health.

If you’re noticing that you go days without pooping… or if it’s frequently runny… then you may have some issues to iron out with your digestive system.

Digestive health is vitally important.  The medAge Team is here to help you with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, SIBO, poor nutrition and other gut issues.  Call us at 828-684-1212

To Amazing Health and Happiness!  Trina Pistor, CpT, CNC, CIC  AKA #trinathetrainer

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