Client Testimonials

  • "I'm so happy with what medAge did for me. Dr. Laura and Scott have really helped me feel better. I am such a happier person, engaging more fully in life. Everyone at medAge is so sweet and personable!"

    Lynn W., 67,

  • "I went to medAge Asheville and had a Precision Hydration sweat test performed. Turns out I was losing 60% of my sodium when sweating and thus fatigue set it. Now that my sodium level is correct my cycling has improved tremendously, thank you medAge and H2Pro"

    Frank S., Cyclist

  • "I'll be 51 next month I'm an avid mountain biker. I'd consider myself a weekend warrior athlete. I race Enduro races and started racing BMX again. I've been cycling for 40+yrs, during long rides of an hour plus, I'd sweat so much that I'd soon start to cramp. So naturally I'd drink more water, sometimes my legs would hurts for days afterwards. A few months back I met Dr. Laura and Trina from medAge, I explained my situation to them. Trina proceeded to hook me up with a sweat test machine that measures a persons sweat number. After getting the results Dr. Laura/ Trina told me that I sweat out more sodium than water. Which they then prescribed a 1500 H2ProHydrate tablet. Since starting on these. I've been able to cycle longer w/o cramping, I recover faster. Last month I won my age group Mnt bike Enduro race and last night I won all 6 of my BMX races. I can't thank Dr. Laura And Trina enough for my later in life success."

    Sean S., Cyclist

  • "Since starting the medAge® program, I have more energy and stamina both throughout the day and on the track. I've gained control of my nutrition to help me properly fuel my body. Today I am able to make smarter choices about what I eat thanks to the education and support I receive from the medAge® team. Everyday I look in the mirror and smile when I realize the progress and success I've had on the program. The complete approach to give me the edge I need to train harder during the week and to win on Sunday!"

    Seth Starnes, AMA Racer

  • "On the medAge® Program, everyday, all day long, I have the energy, endurance, and muscular strength to do whatever I need to do. My new hashtag is IDGT= I Don’t Get Tired!"

    Reggie Atkins, Human Resource Manager for uS Army Airborne Operations

  • "Before medAge® I confided with my partner that I felt that I was a “lost cause.” I was getting old, over-weight, depressed, and often breathless after climbing a simple flight of stairs. I realized that over several years my health had gradually but steadily spiraled downward to a point that I felt was irreversible. Strangely, I was satisfied to remain in this state probably because I did not realize that with a few tweaks in diet, supplementation, and hormone therapy I could regain beneficial sleep, renewed energy, and a positive disposition. medAge® changed my life for the better and forever. Truly a lifesaver!”

    Patrick Hutchings, Stage Production