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Trina’s Winning Strategies for a Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I want to take a moment on behalf of myself and the entire medAge team to thank you for being our patient! It is our pleasure to offer you the latest in health and beauty!

Before you begin celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday, please consider spending a few moments of mindful planning.  My suggestions are below.

  1. Have a plan. Think about your favorite Thanksgiving foods and consciously choose which ones you will have. Planning ahead of time will keep you from over indulging.
  2. Eat what you love and don’t waste your calories on what you don’t. Just becuase it’s on the buffet doesn’t mean you have to eat it. Reserving those calories for the foods you truly enjoy will ensure you stay on track.
  3. Take your time and enjoy the company.  If you concentrate on catching up with friends and family rather than food consumption, you’ll come away full of memories instead of full of turkey and dressing.
  4. Give yourself permission to eat the pie. Thanksgiving comes around only once a year.  If you’d like, have the pie and know that it’s ok to go a little over your food budget. Perhaps work into your plan a hike on Saturday with the kids or sign up for an extra spinning class at the gym.

Use these tips all through the holiday season and you can take “going on a diet” off of your new year’s resolution list!  Call me for more tips throughout the year!  828-684-1212

Happy Holidays and Be True to Yourself–Trina Pistor, CpT, CNC, CIC medAge

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