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Build muscle tone & burn fat at the same time with Emsculpt at medAge™.

A Non-Invasive Device to Sculpt A New You

Build muscle and sculpt your body rapidly with EMSCULPT

The latest body contouring treatment wildly popular among celebrities. Everyone is talking about EMSCULPT that uses HIFEM™ (High-intensity Focused Electromagnetic) energy to induce muscle contractions. When used on the abdomen, buttocks, biceps and triceps, it significantly improves tone and strengthens muscles.

No Injections – No Anesthesia – No Surgery

EMSCULPT is like a workout session without going to the gym. It’s the perfect treatment for new moms who don’t have a lot of time to work out post-baby or want to start a new workout routine. We also recommend it for busy executives and entrepreneurs who can’t hit the gym on a regular basis.

We’re excited to offer this body contouring treatment in Asheville, NC and look forward to exploring EMSCULPT as your effective solution to fat reduction.

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Before & After Photos

See actual before and after results from EMSCULPT neo patients with treatments on the arms, thighs, legs, adbomen and buttocks.


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The Introduction of EMSCULPT

Massachusetts-based BTL Industries designed EMSCULPT in 2018 as the answer to gaining muscle while reducing fat. Manufacturing medical and esthetic equipment for over 25 years, BTL focuses its efforts on non-invasive procedures.

BTL created EMSCULPT as the ultimate strength training session, forcing tighter muscle contractions at a rapid rate that exceed what regular exercise and physical training can do. It is the must-have for anyone who is already at an ideal weight but needs extra help to shape muscles, especially in the hard-to-sculpt areas such as the abdomen and buttocks.

EMSCULPT is FDA-cleared for:

  • Abdomen (firm and tone)
  • Buttocks (strengthen, tone and firm)
  • Thighs (strengthen, tone and firm)
  • Calves (strengthen, tone and firm)
  • Arms (strengthen, tone and firm)
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20,000 Muscle Contractions in 30 Minutes

EMSCULPT is a non-invasive body-shaping device that exposes key areas to powerful contractions which in turn builds muscle tissue. The HIFEM™ energy created reaches fat and muscle. As a result, fat cells die and leave the body as waste while the muscles remodel their inner structure, thickening and strengthening without affecting the skin. The patient is left with a more muscular, sculpted body area.

Depending on the treatment area, your 30-minute session equates to 20,000 crunches, 20,000 squats, 20,000 bicep curls, or 20,000 lunges. That’s much more than you can endure in one work-out session at the gym.

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Am I a Good Candidate?

If you already live a healthy lifestyle by exercising and eating well, you are likely a good candidate for EMSCULPT. The treatment works best when you continue healthy eating and fitness habits pre and post-session.

Contact us for a one-on-one consultation with medAge providers in our Asheville, NC offices to determine if EMSCULPT is right for you.

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No Pre/Post Treatment Preparation Needed!

We will make sure your session is an enjoyable one. Your comfort is our #1 priority and this procedure is no different than our other treatments. You will be able to lie down and relax during the treatment. Feel free to bring your phone, a favorite book, or a friend to share the experience.

Each session lasts 30 minutes. We recommend scheduling a total of 6 sessions 2-3 days apart for maximum results. Contact us to create a customized treatment plan based on your personal goals.

There is no downtime. Once the session is over, you can return to normalcy and resume daily activities. The day after your first session you’ll have muscle fatigue as if you’ve had a great gym routine. But once you experience a few treatments it will be easier on your muscles, as if you have been consistently working out, because your muscles are now stronger.

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The Results You Want

You will start to feel results immediately after treatment. Patients have reported improvement two to four weeks after their last session. They continue to see positive changes for several weeks post-session.

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Don’t put your body goals on hold any longer. Whether you want to tighten your butt or show off defined abs, EMSCULPT is a great non-invasive body contouring choice. We’ll be happy to discuss further in a one-on-one consultation.

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