Enhance Skin Pigmentation

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Melanotan darkens your skin for a natural-looking tan.

It is a well-known fact natural sunlight is dangerous and the damage it can cause to your skin is extensive and life-threatening. If you are looking for an even and safe glow without the sun’s harmful rays, chemicals or tanning beds, consider Melanotan.

Melanotan is a type of Peptide Therapy, a treatment to stimulate cellular regrowth systems. Peptide Therapy uses peptides, chains of amino acids that bind to receptors on the cell surface telling other cells and molecules what to do. There are a number of peptides used to treat conditions such as Lyme disease, Fibromyalgia, obesity, low libido and more.

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Why Melanotan

Dr. Laura Ellis recommends Melanotan as an injectable for those looking to increase skin pigmentation. The injectable peptide is given daily over a short time period. For best results, receive treatment 1-2 weeks before a vacation or during the summer. If you have dark skin, you can also use it during the winter months with low sun exposure.

After your treatment, you will notice a substantially tanner skin tone with the possible darkening of existing moles and freckles. Melanotan is also known to stimulate weight loss and enhance sexual drive.

In addition to the treatment, you should always apply sunscreen with a minimal amount of sun exposure for an even tan.

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Is Melanotan Right for Me?

Our patients opt for Melanotan as a good alternative to tanning without the associated risks. Interested in learning more? Contact our office for a consultation!