Age Defy with Long-Lasting Results

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Look Younger Without Surgery

Consider Radiesse® to enhance existing facial features

Throughout your adult life, you have made choices to define who you are. From your hairstyle to the clothes you wear, you have been in control of the way you look. But as we get older, grey hairs and wrinkles appear. Now is the time to defy your age with a non-invasive, safe procedure.

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Facial Contouring with A Calcium-Based Injectable Filler

The FDA approved calcium hydroxyapatite for cosmetic purposes in 2006. It is found naturally in the bones (no allergy testing is required) and can be reproduced to treat the following areas:

  • Create fullness in the cheeks and on the back of hands
  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth
  • Help acne scarring and facial defects
  • Reshape the nose, chin, and face
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Will My Radiesse® Injections Last?

Like other dermal fillers Radiesse® injections do not last forever, but cases have shown results up to 24 months after the procedure. Cases vary depending on the amount used, severity of the issue and genes.

Discover If Radiesse® Is Right for You

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