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Intro to medAge with Dr. Laura Ellis
Get to know Dr. Laura Ellis
Interview Joe Scully of Corner Kitchen

Procedure / Treatment Videos

Laser Peel at medAge™
How Coolsculpting Works
Dr. Laura uses a vascular laser to erase facial spider veins like magic!
Dr. Laura Ellis uses Sculptra for a "Liquid Facelift"
medAge Sweat Testing for athletic hydration
medAge with Dr. Laura Ellis- Importance of HRT

Patient Testimonials

One of Dr. Laura's patients talks about Laser Skin Resurfacing.
One of Dr Ellis' patients describes her Varicose Vein surgery outcome
Marathon runner says medAge Sweat Test improved her performance

How-To Videos

Dr. Laura Ellis Demonstrates How to Inject Testosterone
How to inject medAge "Race Fuel"
Dr. Ellis shows how to make a healthy pizza

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