Enhance Your Look with Botox® Cosmetic, Xeomin® or Dysport®

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Reverse the signs of aging temporarily and notice smoother skin

As we age, it is natural to see the appearance of wrinkles, lines and furrows form on the face. Over time, the skin loses its flexibility and as facial muscles repeatedly contract, grooves form beneath the skin whenever we make a facial expression. That doesn’t mean you should stop smiling, squinting, frowning or raising your eyebrows!  On the contrary, thanks to Botox® Cosmetic, moderate to severe frown lines, crow’s feet, droopy brows, loose face & neck and forehead lines are reduced or eliminated.

Botox Asheville

An FDA-Approved, Minimally Invasive Treatment That Works

Botox® Cosmetic is made from a purified form of botulinum toxin that is injected into the treatment area. It effectively blocks nerve impulses from activating the muscle movements that cause wrinkles.

The treatment takes about 10 minutes and there is no downtime. Return to normal daily activities immediately afterward. Results are noticed within 72 hours. Effects can last 3 to 4 months. For a smoother look, we recommend repeat treatments.

Botox Asheville

Is Botox® Cosmetic, Xeomin® or Dysport® Right for Me?

There are few differences between Botox Cosmetic, Xeomin and Dysport®. The main difference is that patients typically notice results quicker with Dysport® than Xeomin® or Botox® Cosmetic.

If you are considering Botox® Cosmetic, Xeomin®, or Dysport®, schedule a consultation in the medAge offices today! We are happy to discuss Botox® Cosmetic, Xeomin®, and Dysport® treatment options.

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