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Sexual Health & Wellness Treatments

As we age it is a common yet, rarely spoken concern that sexual function and sensitivity can decrease as we age. At medAge, sexual health is not seen as taboo or embarrassing, rather, we welcome conversations to help you address and overcome this medical need. Dysfunction and discomfort shouldn’t stop you from living your best life, and age shouldn’t either. Call us today to set up a consultation to discuss your goals to improve sexual health and overcome sexual dysfunction with our suite of intimacy services.


Sometimes as we age, have children, and experience all that life has to offer, the most sensitive parts of a woman’s body can develop issues that affect health and wellness. EmpowerRF is a new suite of solutions aimed at effectively treating a variety of issues related to women’s wellness.

Sexual Health

Researchers found a side effect of Melanotan II was sexual arousal. Instead of acting on the vascular system like medications Viagra and Cialis, it affects the nervous system making it a good alternative to improve sexual dysfunction.

Currently, PT 141 is FDA-approved to treat female hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

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