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January 3, 2024 2:18 pm

In the skincare world, "fractional" CO2 laser technology has become a buzzword. At medAge, led by Dr. Laura Ellis in Asheville, NC, and Greenville, SC, we often receive questions about what the "fractional" term means and how it benefits skin care.

Dr. Ellis gets into the specifics of this technology and its significance in skincare with this blog.

Understanding Fractional CO2 Laser

The term "fractional" refers to how the CO2 laser energy is delivered to the skin. Unlike traditional lasers that treat the entire skin surface, fractional lasers target only a fraction of the skin at a time.

The Significance of "Fractional" in Skin Care

The "fractional" aspect of CO2 laser technology is significant for several reasons:

  • Precision: It allows for targeted treatment, addressing specific skin concerns more accurately.
  • Less Invasive: The treatment is less invasive than full-surface laser procedures, making it suitable for those seeking effective results with less downtime.
  • Customizable: Treatments can be tailored to each individual's skin condition and desired outcomes.

How Fractional CO2 Lasers Work

Fractional CO2 lasers are a modern way to treat the skin. They work differently than regular lasers.

Instead of treating the whole skin, they target only small parts at a time:

  • Targeted Treatment: These lasers make small columns in your skin. The cool thing is they only treat these tiny areas, leaving the rest of your skin untouched. This means the laser can focus on specific problems on your skin.
  • Stimulates Healing: When these small areas are treated, it kick-starts your skin's way of fixing itself. This helps new, healthy skin cells to grow.
  • Collagen Production: A big plus of this treatment is that it helps make more collagen. Collagen is what allows your skin to stay firm and stretchy. So, after this treatment, your skin can become smoother and tighter.

Benefits of Fractional CO2 Lasers

Fractional CO2 lasers are great for a few reasons. They're not just good at treating your skin, but they also make the healing process easier:

  • Reduced Recovery Time: These lasers only work on small parts of your skin, so you don't need as much time to heal as with other laser treatments.

  • Effective for Various Skin Issues: Whether you're worried about wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots, or acne scars, this laser can help. It's also great for making your skin's texture better.

  • Safe for Different Skin Types: Another cool thing is that these lasers work on all kinds of skin. But it's still a good idea to talk to a skincare pro to ensure you get the right plan for your skin.

Find Expert Care with Fractional CO2 Laser at medAge

At medAge, our team, under the guidance of Dr. Laura Ellis, is experienced in using fractional CO2 laser technology. We believe in providing skincare treatments that are not only effective but also safe and tailored to each individual's needs.

If you're considering a fractional CO2 laser treatment, medAge offers expert care and personalized solutions. Our skilled team, led by Dr. Laura Ellis, is committed to helping you achieve your skincare goals with the latest technology and techniques.

Contact us at 828-684-1212 to learn more or to schedule a consultation. Trust us to rejuvenate your skin with the care and expertise you deserve.

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